Cranial osteopathy and dentistry are intimately interrelated when treating many problems of the mouth, teeth, jaw, and face. An abnormal bite can lock in strain patterns in the rest of the head. And osteopathic treatment can be the key to unlocking compressions that cause the face to grow or adapt in ways that aren’t expected when dental interventions are introduced.   Even posture and dentistry are interrelated.  The relationship of the jaw with the rest of the head determines the size of the airway, which in turn will determine how your body positions the neck muscles and spine to best do it’s most important job – breathing.

Only a small number of dentists have any training in osteopathic concepts. The “Find a Physician” service here can help you locate a functional dentist who understands the principles of cranial osteopathy.

Among the common dental problems treated by cranial osteopathy (often in coordination with a functional dentist)

  • Abnormal bite (over bite, under bite, crowding, etc.)
  • TMJ dysfunction (popping, clicking, difficulty opening)
  • Bruxism (grinding)
  • Tooth, mouth, jaw, or facial pain – especially after trauma


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