International Affiliate Members of the OCA do not qualify to sit for the OCA Proficiency Examination. An International Proficiency Examination, however, is independently administered by the following Recognized Affiliate Societies:

Medical Academy of Cranial Osteopathy (AMOC)
122 Avenue d’ Enghien
95880 Enghien-Les-Bains FRANCE

Belgian Society of Osteopathy (BSO)
Avenue Charles Madoux 59
1160 Brussels BELGIUM

The following International Affiliate Members (international MDs and international non-physician osteopaths) have successfully completed the BSO/AMOC requirements:

Maurice Bensoussan MD Dipl.Osteo. FCA
Sheila Brennan Dipl.Osteo.
Patrick Carr Dipl.Osteo.
Christian De Brabandere Dipl.Osteo.
Tom De Lille Dipl.Osteo.
Danny Debouver Dipl.Osteo.
Pierre Duby Dipl.Osteo.
Shogo Eguma Dipl.Osteo.
Patrick Grignard Dipl.Osteo.
Eric Hupet Dipl.Osteo.
Jean Le MD Dipl.Osteo.
Luc Lecoq Dipl.Osteo.
Alain Meunier-Guttin-Cluzel MD DMD
Alistair Moresi, B.Sc. Osteo
Daniel A. Ronsmans Dipl.Osteo.
Najibullah Saifi MD C-S Dipl.Osteo.
Marie-Blanche Surny Dipl.Osteo.
Francoise Van Poelvoorde Dipl.Osteo.
Itsuji Yamamoto Dipl.Osteo.