Handout Materials for Cranial Academy Virtual Conference

Week 1 (May 16) – Osteopathic Considerations in COVID-19
Using Zoom for Presentations and Telemedicine (Dr. Van Deven)
Osteopathy & the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic (Dr. Hruby)
Osteopathy and the Hospitalized Patient with COVID-19 (Dr. Ettlinger)
Trauma of COVID-19: Front-line Osteopathic Perspective (Dr. Katrajian and Dr. Egerter)
The Broncho-Pericardial Membrane (Dr. Shadoan)

Week 2 (May 23) – Fascia & Postural Fluidity
Tensigrity (Dr. Beck) (slides)
Ophthalmological Perspectives (Dr. Dart) (slides)
Vision and Primary Respiratory Mechanism (Dr. Dart)
The Natural Fluidity of Posture (Dr. Gintis)
Posture (Dr. Gintis) (slides)
The Thoracic Inlet and its Fascias (Dr. Hankinson)
The Cervical-Thoracic Junction (Dr. Hankinson) (slides)

Week 3 (June 6) – The Cranium and the Brain: Osteopathic Topics in Neurology
Osteopathic Approach to Headache (Dr. Hull)
Building Whole Body Resilience in Youth with Autism (Dr. Wolf and Dr. Hendron)

Week 4 (June 13) – Awakening Our Heritage: Science & Spirit in Practice

Week 5 (June 20) – Developmental Dynamics: Our Patients & Palpatory Journey