2023 Annual Conference


“The Fulford Conference: Love Without Constraint”

Conference Director: Therese M. Scott DO FCA
Assistant Conference Director:  Elena Timoshkin DO

June 8-11, 2023
Charlotte, North Carolina

Hear from some of Dr. Fulford’s students (Dr. Mico Sorrell, Dr. Mel Friedman, Dr. Eric Dolgin, Dr. Kathy Gill, Dr. Paul Lee, Dr. Theresa Cisler, Dr. Marianne Herr-Paul, Dr. Harold Goodman & Dr. Paula Eschtruth) on his legacy as a remarkable physician and teacher.

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The goal of this conference is to have participants appreciate the life and concepts of Dr. Fulford, and how Dr. Fulford related to everything as energy. Participants should be able to appreciate the invisible life energy fields used throughout Dr. Fulford’s professional life and be able to incorporate energetic treatments into their practice.

The Osteopathic Cranial Academy has requested that the AOA Council on Continuing Medical Education approve this program for 21.75 hours of Category 1-A AOA CME. Approval is currently pending.

Registration pricing BEFORE May 18, 2023:
OCA Member $950.00
Resident Member $400.00
DO Student Member $400.00
Retired Member $400.00
Qualified Nonmember $1,250.00

Registration fee includes lectures, labs, Friday lunch, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner banquet.  If you cannot attend the Saturday night banquet, use coupon code NOBANQUET for a $50 reduction in price.


Successful completion of an Osteopathic Cranial Academy Approved 40-hour Introductory Course: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.

PLEASE NOTE: If you register for this course and do not meet the eligibility requirements for it, your tuition payment will be refunded. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact the OCA office before registering.






Day 1Speaker
2:00 PMRegistrationStaff
2:45 PMWelcome – Intro To ConferenceT. Scott, DO
3:00 PMDr. Fulford: The Life Of Our Teacher And FriendH. Goodman, DO
4:00 PMDr. Fulford’s Philosophy And ConceptsP. Eschtruth, DO
4:30 PMDr. Fulford’s Ideas Regarding The BiofieldR. Koss, DO
5:30 PMSmall Group DiscussionFaculty
5:45 PMPalpation And Treatment- Layers Of Healing/ Beginner/Student labR. Koss, DO
7:00 PMAdjourn


Day 2Speaker
9:00 AM“Love Without Constraint”P. Eschtruth, DO
9:30 AM“Love Without Constraint” LabP. Eschtruth, DO
10:15 AMSmall Group DiscussionFaculty
10:30 AMFascia And It’s Bioelectrical PropertiesR. Koss, DO
12:00 PMLUNCH, Committee Meetings, Vendors
1:30 PMRhythmic Balanced InterchangeR. Yadava, DO
2:15 PMRhythmic Balanced InterchangeR. Yadava, DO
3:00 PMSmall Group DiscussionFaculty
3:15 PMSignificance And Insignificance Of MindR. Yadiva, DO
4:00 PMWalter Russell: A Key To Understanding Dr. Fulford’s Inner WorkH. Goodman, DO
4:45 PMTrauma/Shock In The SystemP. Eschtruth, DO
5:15 PMTrauma/Shock ReleaseP. Eschtruth, DO
5:45 PMAdjourn
6:00 PMAnnual Membership MeetingPresident


Day 3Speaker
9:00 AMPurity Of IntentR. Yadava, DO
9:45 AMOpening The Doors To The HeartP. Eschtruth, DO
10:05 AMOpening The Doors To The Heart LabP. Eschtruth, DO
10:45 AMSmall Group DiscussionFaculty
11:00 AMBeryl Arbuckle, Do: How Dr. Fulford Understood Osteopathy In The Cranial FieldM. Herr-Paul, D.O.
12:00 PMPreview Of The 2024 OCA ConferenceKathy Gill, MD
12:15 PMLUNCH, Committee Meetings, Vendors
1:45 PMSutherland Memorial LectureIlene Spector, DO
2:45 PMThe Concept Of Beryl Arbuckle’s Stress BandsM. Herr-Paul, D.O.
3:45 PMSmall Group DiscussionFaculty
4:00 PMBREATHE- Breath Of LifeR. Koss, DO
4:30 PMBreathing Exercises And ExercisesR. Koss, DO
5:30 PMAdjourn
6:30 PMPresident’s Reception
7:00 PMRecognition Banquet


Day 4Speaker
9:00 AMLove And Dr. FulfordH. Goodman, D.O.
9:30 AMEvaluate The Cranial EnergeticsRichard Koss, DO
10:15 AMSmall Group DiscussionFaculty
10:30 AMDigging On: Dr. Fulford’s Intuitive Tools.P. Eschtruth, DO

11:00 AM


Panel Discussion By Fulford’s Students

Eschtruth, Goodman, Koss, Yadava,
12:00 PMAdjourn ConferenceDirector/ President


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