2022 Annual Conference


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“The Unsung Heroines of Osteopathy: Sutherland’s Contemporaries, Students and Beyond”

Conference Director: Maria T. Gentile DO
Assistant Conference Director:  Therese M. Scott DO

June 9-12, 2022
Intercontinental Hotel, Country Club Plaza
Kansas City, Missouri

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This conference will introduce and explore the contributions to osteopathy of women such as Alvera Miller, Beryl Arbuckle, Charlotte Weaver, Rebecca Lippincott. Anna Slocum and others.


The Osteopathic Cranial Academy has requested that the AOA Council on Continuing Medical Education approve this program for 22.25 hours of Category 1-A AOA CME. Approval is currently pending.


Registration pricing BEFORE May 18, 2022:
OCA Member $950.00
OCA International Member $ 700.00
Resident Member $ 400.00
DO Student Member $ 400.00
Retired Member $ 400.00
Qualified Nonmember $1,200.00

Registration fee includes lectures, labs, Friday lunch, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner banquet.  If you cannot attend the Saturday night banquet, use coupon code NOBANQUET for a $50 reduction in price.


Successful completion of an Osteopathic Cranial Academy Approved 40-hour Introductory Course: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.

PLEASE NOTE: If you register for this course and do not meet the eligibility requirements for it, your tuition payment will be refunded. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact the OCA office before registering.



To introduce members and attendees to a number of the more “unknown” women who helped to advance Osteopathy.


  1. To present a bit about the lives of these women in their era of Osteopathy
  2. To present their ideas and thoughts.
  3. To learn about their treatment techniques.
  4. To better understand how these women’s contributions changed or molded Osteopathy and Osteopathic thinking.
  5. To have the mentees of these Osteopathic women speak about their personal experiences with their mentors.





L= lecture, S=small group discussion; P=practical session; M=meeting; O=other

Thursday June 9, 2022SpeakerTime
2:00 PMRegistrationStaff
2:45 PMLWelcome – Intro to ConferenceHulse/Gentile0.25
3:00 PMLWomen Physicians and Medicine in AmericaTherese M. Scott, DO0.50
3:30 PMLAlvera Miller’s Concepts – The 4 DurasMaria T. Gentile, DO0.25
3:45 PMPAlvera Miller Part 1: Pandura and EnduraMaria T. Gentile, DO0.58
4:20 PMSSmall Group Discussion, Vendors0.25
4:35 PMLCharlotte Weaver and the Three Cranial VertebraMico (Margaret) Sorrel, DO0.50
5:05 PMPA Membranous Approach to Weaver’s Centrum 1-2Mico (Margaret) Sorrel, DO1.00
6:05 PML British Women: Appreciating the LegacyOrianne Evans0.25
6:20 PMP The Tide of the Legacy (treatment of all)Orianne Evans0.67
P Student/Beginner Lab (runs concurrently

with The Tide of the Legacy)

7:00 PMPAdjourn
2.00 L: 2.25 P4.25
FridayJune 10, 2022
8:00 AMM Committee Meetings, Vendors
9:00 AML The Concepts of Beryl ArbuckleKen Lossing, DO0.50
9:30 AMP Treatment of Stress BandsKen Lossing, DO1.00
10:30 AMSSmall Group Discussion, Vendors0.25
10:45 AMLLouisa Burns, DO – A Brief Exploration of Her Timeless Contributions to OsteopathyDennis Burke, DO0.50
 11:15 AMPLouisa Burns and the Altered Circulatory MechanismDennis Burke, DO1.00
12:15 PMMLUNCH, Committee Meetings, Vendors
1:45 PMLCharlotte Weaver, Brain Vesicles and Research OpportunitiesMico (Margaret) Sorrel, DO0.50
2:15 PMPTreatment of Strain patterns at Centrum 1-2Mico (Margaret) Sorrel, DO1.00
3:15 PMLBeryl Arbuckle – ButtressesKen Lossing, DO0.50
3:45 PMSSmall Group Discussion, Vendors0.25
4:00 PMPDiagnosis and Treatment of Inferior Sagittal ButtressesKen Lossing, DO1.00
5:00 PMLAlvera Miller Part 2: TryduraMaria Gentile, DO0.50
5:30 PMOAdjourn
5:45 PMMAnnual Membership MeetingPresident
2.50 L : 4.50 P7.00
SaturdayJune 11, 2022
8:00 AMMCommittee Meetings
9:00 AMLRebecca Lippincott: Faith, Gratitude and CertaintyMaud Nerman, DO0.50
9:30 AMPLab on Rebecca LippincottMaud Nerman, DO1.00
10:30 AMSSmall Group Discussion, Vendors0.25
10:45 PMLRuby Day’s ContributionsSteve Kisiel, DO0.50
11:15AMPTreatment of the Pelvic BowlSteve Kisiel, DO0.75
12:00 PMMLUNCH, Committee Meetings, Vendors
1:30 PMLSutherland Memorial LectureZina Pelkey, DO1.00
2:30 PMLA Biography of My Mother, Edna LayMarcus Lay, DO0.50
3:00 PMSSmall Group Discussion, Vendors0.25
3:15 PMPEdna Lay’s Favorite Treatment TechniquesMarcus Lay, DO1.00
4:15 PMLThe Work of Anna SlocumDave Musgrave, DO0.50
4:45 PMPAnna Slocum LabDave Musgrave, DO1.00
5:45 PMOAdjourn
6:45 PMOReception
7:15 PMMBanquet
3.00 L : 4.25 P7.25
SundayJune 12, 2022
8:00 AMMCommittee Meetings
9:00 AMLMy Journey into OsteopathyPaula Eschtruth, DO0.50
9:30 AMPPaula’s Osteopathic ApproachPaula Eschtruth, DO1.00
10:30 AMSSmall Group Discussion0.25
10:45 AMLCSC Update and 2022 IntroRichard Smith, DO/Kathy Gill, MD0.25
11:00 AMLOlive Stretch – The Aging Process in Relation to Cranial ConceptsMaria Gentile. DO0.50
11:30 AMPTreatment of the Liver or Treatment of the PancreasMaria Gentile, DO1.00
12:30 PMOAdjourn ConferenceDirector/President

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