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    *The Annual Conference has sold out and registration is now closed. If you still wish to attend, we will take names for a "waiting list" but we are unable to accommodate any more in the room space that is available.

    "The Fulford Conference: Love Without Constraint"

    Conference Director: Therese M. Scott DO FCA Assistant Conference Director:  Elena Timoshkin DO

    June 8-11, 2023 Charlotte, North Carolina

    Hear from some of Dr. Fulford's students on his legacy as a remarkable physician and teacher: (Dr. Mico Sorrell, Dr. Mel Friedman 1, Dr. Eric Dolgin, Dr. Kathy Gill, Dr. Paul Lee, Dr. Theresa Cisler, Dr. Marianne Herr-Paul, Dr. Harold Goodman, Dr. Mel Friedman 2Dr. Paula Eschtruth, Dr. Richard Koss & Dr. Rajiv Yadava) Want to bring a guest to the banquet?
  • The Miracle of Osteopathy for Infants and Children-Pediatrics Course

    Oct 13-15, 2023

    Course Director: Mary Anne Morelli-Haskell, DO, FACOP, FCA

    Faculty: Mico Sorrel, DO, FCA, Eric Dolgin, DO, FCA, Kathryn Gill, MD & Wendy Neal, DO Course location will be at Osteopathic Center San Diego at 3706 Ruffin Road.

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    Hybrid Introduction to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field - Fall 2023


    (Check back here after June 1 for more detailed registration information)


    Expand Your Osteopathic Skills

    Highly regarded by its practitioners and patients alike, the study of osteopathy in the cranial field includes broadening and deepening the perceptual skills of the practitioner, as well as intensive study of the anatomy and physiology of the cranium and its inter-relationship with the body as a whole.  Learn how this approach can be applied for the benefit of your patients in the prevention and treatment of disease, and enhancement of health. What You Will Learn
    • Explore the components of the primary respiratory mechanism, including articular, cerebrospinal fluid, fascial/membranous and nervous system anatomy.
    • Deepen your understanding of the body as a dynamic unit with a capacity for self-healing.
    • Establish the basis for palpatory diagnosis and treatment.
    Course Director: Annette Hulse DO Assistant Course Director: Daniel Shadoan DO Registration Fee: $2,295 The OCA has developed a hybrid format for this course with both online and in-person components:
    • Virtual Lectures and Group Discussions, Sep 1-Oct 8: Lectures will be presented online, with 4-6 hours of video recordings delivered each week. At the end of each week, participants will join in a mandatory 1 hour-long discussion group via Zoom.  There will NOT be a discussion group weekend of Sep 16-17, see schedule below for details.
    • Regional In-Person Labs, mid-October through mid-November : The hand-over-hand training for which the OCA is well known will be held in small groups regionally. The lab portion of your course will take place over a three-day weekend following completion of the lecture portion of the course.
    • Lab locations are planned to include Long Island NY, San Francisco Bay Area, Columbus OH, and San Diego.   The labs will be similar to those at previous Introductory Courses, with hands-on instruction by experienced trainers at a 1:4 faculty student ratio.  Dates at each location will be available soon.

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