We having compiled a list of practicing osteopaths who indicated that they might  precept students/residents on clinical rotations.  We asked:

  • Can you do 2-week rotations?  4-week rotations?
  • Do you take 3rd year students?  4th year students?  Residents?
  • Do you require the student/residents to have an approved 40-hour introductory class (from OCA, SCTF, or OCC)?
  • For students who need to travel, can you offer any help in finding them housing?
  • Being treated is a great way to learn osteopathy at a holistic level.  Can you offer free or reduced fee treatments in your office to students/residents?  [Note:  this is a courtesy that some physicians offer as a service, but it is obviously limited.  In particular, students are encouraged to not overwhelm physicians who are near the schools ].

Contact the physicians directly for more information.

Click on region to see list of physicians by geographical area.