Fall 2023 Hybrid Introductory Course: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

Course Announcements

9/18/23  Zoom discussion group assignements for 9/24 are posted under the tab below.

9/18/23.  If you have previously taken an approved 40-hour course from OCA, OPC, or SCTF — you do NOT need to take the written & practical tests, just let us know the sponsor and date of your previous 40-hour course.  We encourage taking the quizzes if you want to help reinforce your learning, but it is not required.

9/15/23  Quiz grades are posted under the “Quizzes and Results” tab below.  If you did not pass the quiz, make sure to slow down and check your handouts and videos for answers.

9/8/23  If you can’t access the quiz, make sure that all the videos have played all the way to the end (especially if you were watching on enhanced speed).  If that doesn’t work, email us at CourseDirector @ cranialacademy.org and we can manually set you as having completed the videos.  If all else fails, we will post the quiz links on this page under the “Quizzes and Results” tab on Saturday night and you can do them Sunday morning.

9/7/23  Check the list under Lab Sites tab to double check that we have you at the lab site that you are expecting.

9/6/23  Zoom Discussion Group assignments by time are now listed under the Zoom Tab below, along with links to each Zoom session.  THESE TIMES ARE THE CORRECT ONES!

8/23/23  Make sure to fill out this Google Form with preferences and constraints for Discussion Group time slots.  The schedule for Sep 10 discussion groups will be emailed out, and also posted on this page under the “Zoom” tab, as soon as everyone’s information as been received.

8/23/23  Questions about content or anything you have read or heard?  Email CourseDirector @ cranialacademy.org. We will get back to you soon (hopefully within 24 hours), and also post our answers in the FAQ tab below.

8/23/23  Administrative questions?  Email office @ cranialacademy.org and we will get back to you soon.

8/20/23 For MD and dentists, the OCA has prepared some pre-course educational videos to help you get up to speed with some important foundations in osteopathy that you may not have been exposed to yet.  DO students, residents, and osteopathic physicians may also find these insights into the foundational aspects of osteopathy interesting.  You can find links to the videos under the “Pre-Course Study” tab,

In previous years, DO residents and students have also found them very helpful as foundational review.

There is also a handout study guide for review under the “Pre-Course Study” tab.




Zoom Discussion Groups Schedule

Sunday Sep 24, 11am Eastern/10am Central/9am Mountain/8am Pacific


Nancy Asseraf
Kate Dwyer
Mollie Myers
Aparna Dandekar
Andrew Smythe
Matthew Wu
Katelyn Bercaw
Linda Tran

Andrew Roush

Sunday Sep 24, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central/1pm Mountain/12 noon Pacific – Group 1


Katie Markelz
Virgil Hayes
Aldina Imamovic
Mason Briggs
Nicole Phan
Gage Bollinger
Manika Talati
Jefferson Adams
Colin Jones

Sunday Sep 24, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central/1pm Mountain/12 noon Pacific – Group 2


Brittany Fisher
Kathy Nguyen
Maxx Nichols
Anna Johnson
Tyler Watson
Ashley Watson
Renata Jarosz
Elizabeth Hicks

Sunday Sep 24, 7:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Central/5:30pm Mountain/4:30pm Pacific


Julia Gallatin
Neil Borja
Sammi Tyler
Roshny Vijayakar
Liana Kobayashi
Garrick Quackenbush
Alyssa Tonelli
Ifenyi Okoye

Sunday Sep 10, 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/7pm Mountain/6pm Pacific


Sarah Caplan
Anna Fuller
Ellen Lauer
Paulyna Schulz
Andrew Isleib
Arielle Navarro
Cristian Politi Gonzalez
Michael Tyson Nickle

Pre-Course Study

Pre-Course Foundations in Osteopathy for MDs and Dentists

Osteopathic Principles

Osteopathic Touch

Osteopathic Terminology

Overview of Osteopathic History


Pre-Course Review Handout

Pre-Course Study Guide

FAQ and Q/A


Quizzes and Results

Week 1

Part 1/ Multiple Choice — 52 points  https://forms.gle/EWkkDAw2Lu3jXoM97
Part 2 / Short Answer — 40 points  https://forms.gle/XAEj3JsfVZavzxHm8
Part 1%Part 2%Total%
A Im3669.2%3690.0%7278.3%
A T2853.8%3485.0%6267.4%
A Is4892.3%3690.0%8491.3%
A R4076.9%3382.5%7379.3%
A S4892.3%3997.5%8794.6%
A F4484.6%2972.5%7379.3%
A J4484.6%3587.5%7985.9%
A D4892.3%3485.0%8289.1%
A N3669.2%3485.0%7076.1%
A W4484.6%3280.0%7682.6%
B F4892.3%3792.5%8592.4%
C G4484.6%3382.5%7783.7%
E L4484.6%40100.0%8491.3%
G B4484.6%40100.0%8491.3%
G Q3669.2%3485.0%7076.1%
J G3669.2%3895.0%7480.4%
K D4892.3%3895.0%8693.5%
K B4892.3%3895.0%8693.5%
K N4076.9%3792.5%7783.7%
K M4892.3%3485.0%8289.1%
L K4484.6%3792.5%8188.0%
L T4484.6%3997.5%8390.2%
M T3669.2%3895.0%7480.4%
M B4076.9%3997.5%7985.9%
M W3261.5%3997.5%7177.2%
Ma N4484.6%3792.5%8188.0%
Mi N3261.5%3075.0%6267.4%
M M4484.6%3690.0%8087.0%
N A4076.9%3485.0%7480.4%
N B4484.6%3997.5%8390.2%
N P4892.3%3895.0%8693.5%
P S4484.6%3895.0%8289.1%
R V3669.2%40100.0%7682.6%
S T4484.6%3382.5%7783.7%
S C4484.6%3895.0%8289.1%
T W52100.0%3792.5%8996.7%
V H3261.5%2255.0%5458.7%

Lab Sites

WatsonTylerLas Cruces NM (Burrell COM)
WatsonAshleyLas Cruces NM (Burrell COM)
CaplanSarahLas Cruces NM (Burrell COM)
VijayakarRoshnyLas Cruces NM (Burrell COM)
FullerAnnaLas Cruces NM (Burrell COM)
BriggsMasonLas Cruces NM (Burrell COM)
SchulzPaulynaLas Cruces NM (Burrell COM)
ImamovicAldinaLas Cruces NM (Burrell COM)
NguyenKathyLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
TylerSamanthaLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
BorjaNeilLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
AsserafNancyLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
IsleibAndrewLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
Politi gonzalezcristianLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
TranLindaLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
MarkelzKatherineLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
JohnsonAnnaLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
NicholsMaxxLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
DwyerKateLong Island NY (NYIT-COM)
WuMatthewColumbus OH
BollingerGageColumbus OH
MyersMollieColumbus OH
GallatinJuliaColumbus OH
HayesVirgilColumbus OH
KobayashiLianaColumbus OH
NavarroArielleSan Diego CA
FisherBrittanySan Diego CA
BercawKatelynSan Diego CA
QuackenbushGarrickSan Diego CA
TonelliAlyssaSan Diego CA
OkoyeIfeanyiSan Diego CA
NickleMichaelSan Diego CA
TalatiManikaSan Diego CA
DandekarAparnaLos Altos CA (SF Bay Area)
RoushAndrewLos Altos CA (SF Bay Area)
PhanNicoleLos Altos CA (SF Bay Area)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy:

All cancellations must be received in writing at the office of The Osteopathic Cranial Academy. Cancellations more than 30 days prior to the course will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations less than 30 days in advance will be credited towards a future course.  No discount will be provided for individuals not participating in food functions.

Participants who have received a scholarship and cancel or drop out  after the course starts (9/1/23) will be responsible for paying for the scholarship portion ($1100) and will not be eligible to apply for future scholarships.