The Osteopathic Cranial Academy (OCA) holds two 5-day introductory courses each year beginning the 2nd Saturday of February and June.  The February intro course is followed by an advanced course and the June intro course is followed by our Annual Conference. All attendees must be eligible for membership in the OCA.
Successful completion of an approved Introductory Course sponsored by the OCA, Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation (SCTF), or Osteopathy’s Promise to Children (OPC) is required for membership and attendance at our Annual Conference. Students may also qualify for membership after an approved COM course.
Intermediate core courses (e.g., The Next Step, The Cranial Base, Pediatrics) are typically held in September each year on a rotating basis.  Other advanced courses may be held in April and November each year. Pre-requisites include at minimum 1-2 approved introductory courses, depending on the course.
Please ensure your eligibility prior to registering for any course.

Future OCA Courses

Course Title
Program Chair
Dates/ Location
More Information
Introductory Course
Richard Smith DO
June 2018, Norfolk VA
To Come
OCA Conference
Donald Hankinson DO
June 2018, Norfolk VA
To Come
Next Step (tentative)
September 2018, East
To Come
Introductory Course 
Feb 2019, Central
To Come
Introductory Course 
June 2019, West
To Come
The following are medical education courses of potential interest to practicing osteopaths. It is provided as a service to our members, and does not imply any endorsement by the Osteopathic Cranial Academy. Accuracy of all course information, including whether and how much CME credit is given, is the responsibility of the organization sponsoring the course.
Course Title
Program Chair
Dates/ Location
More Information
SCTF: The Ear
Andrew Goldman DO
Oct 6-8 2017,  Biddeford ME
OPC:  OMT for GI & Nervous Systems 
Hollis King DO
Oct 7 2017, San Diego CA
AAO at OMED:  Using Osteopathic Principles in Specialty Medicine 
Leslie Ching DO
Oct 7-10 2017, Philadelphia PA
OPC:  Sequential Approach to Pediatric Osteopathy
Mary Anne Morelli Haskell DO & Julie Mai DO
Oct 13-15 2017, San Diego CA
Biodynamics:  The Brain and the Tide
Evan Rubin DO and Eric Cohan DO
Oct 13-15 2017,  Tinton Falls NJ
Biodynamics Phase I
Stephen Kisiel DO
Oct 13-16 2017,  Williamstown MA
Osteopathy and the Dental Occlusion
Tasha Turzo DO
Oct 21-22 2017,  Santa Cruz CA
Biodynamics: Anatomy 101
Bill Foliv class=”clear-line”>ey DO & Christine Mitchell DO
Oct 27-29 2017, Bolton MA
Biodynamics:  Phase VII
Donald Hankinson DO
Nov 4-7 2017, Biddeford ME
SCTF:  Treating Compressions in the Cranium 
Kenneth Graham DO
Nov 10-12 2017, Boston MA area
Basic Visceral Course
Richard Schuster DO
Nov 10-12 2017, Stratford NJ
Biodynamics:  Berkshire Osteopathic Study Group
Stephen Kisiel DO
Nov 11-12 2017, Williamstown MA
OPC:  Advanced Explorations in Pediatric Osteopathy  
Shawn Centers DO  
Nov 16-19 2017, San Diego CA
Evidence Based Visceral Manipulation
Ken Lossing DO
Dec 8-10 2017, Ft. Worth TX
OPC: The Motions, Life Forces & Healing Process
Phillipe Druelle DO (France)
Jan 18-21 2018, San Diego CA
OPC: A.T. Still’s Approach to the Foot & Ankle
Charles Beck DO & Rue Tikker DPM
Feb 17-18 2018, San Diego CA

Biodynamics: Pediatrics IIIB
Stephen Kisiel DO
Apr 6-9 2018,  Pittsfield MA
Rule of the Artery 1
Rachel Brooks MD
Apr 7-9, 2018,  Portland OR


Rule of the Artery 2
Rachel Brooks MD
Apr 13-15, 2018,  Portland OR
Muscle Energy for the Total Body
Walter C. Ehrenfeuchter DO
Apr 20-22 2018,  Indianapolis IN
Biodynamics:  The Brain and the Tide II
Evan Rubin DO and Eric Cohan DO
April 27-29 2018, Manhattan NY


International Courses

Advanced Therapeutics in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field 
European Osteopathic Cranial Academy
March 10-11 2018, Brugge BELGIUM



If you are interested in having a CME course listed on this page, please contact webmaster [at] for information and criteria.